Working Legally in Vietnam

What are the legal requirements to work in Vietnam?

Please take a look at our article, “Working Legally in Vietnam”, for more detailed information from the Department of Education and our tips and advice to avoid schools/centers who are not meeting all the legal requirements.

The Department of Education in Da Nang recently reported that out of all foreigners residing and working in Da Nang, only 69 foreigners have Work Permits. Currently, Fisher's SuperKids employ 32 foreign teachers, all of whom are meeting all the legal requirements, having a Work Permit and Temporary Residence Card. This means that 46% of the total amount of foreigners working legally in Da Nang are currently working at SuperKids.


Vietnamese law states that any foreigner working for a company for more than three months will need to have a Work Permit issued by that company. Applying for and obtaining a Work Permit in Vietnam can be a lengthy process, but please don't worry!—We will work through it with you, step-by-step.

In order to obtain a Work Permit in Vietnam, you will need:

  1. Degree

  2. English Teaching Certificate (TEFL, TESOL, CELTA, DELTA or equivalent) 

  3. Criminal background check

  4. Medical exam (to be completed in Da Nang)

  5. Housing contract (issued by your landlord in Da Nang)

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After obtaining your Work Permit, we will upgrade your business visa (the visa on which you will first enter Vietnam with an Invitation Letter from SuperKids) to a Temporary Residence Card. Your Residence Card will be valid for the entire duration of your employment at SuperKids.

Again, not to worry! These steps will all be thoroughly discussed with you during the first interview.

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Can a teacher start teaching on a Tourist Visa?

Ideally, no. But it is possible if you have already entered Vietnam on a Tourist Visa, before you found employment. This will mean, however, that you will need to complete a "visa-run," by traveling to a neighboring country and re-entering Vietnam on a new Business Visa. If this is the case, FSEC will support you throughout the entire "visa-run" process.

Does SuperKids pay for the Business Visa?

Teachers are responsible for the costs of the initial Business Visa. Unfortunately, this means that if you have already entered Vietnam on a Tourist Visa, you will also be responsible for covering the visa-run costs, as well as your new Business Visa.

Fisher's SuperKids will sponsor the application fees for obtaining the Work Permit and Temporary Residence Card. However, please note that teachers will be responsible for the associated leg-work costs, such as having documents notarized at the embassy and completing a health check.


Entry Visa Costs:

You will need to enter Vietnam on a three-month Business Visa (obtained with an official "Letter of Invitation" from FSEC). You can obtain this visa at a Vietnamese Embassy abroad or on arrival at an international airport in Vietnam.

These costs will vary slightly, depending on the country, current exchange rates, and other external factors.

- Business Visa: $50 - $80 USD

- Visa Run (flights, accomodation, other transport, meals, etc.): $0 - $250 USD

*Please note that these costs are only estimations. Our HR office can help to give more accurate anticipated costs during the interview process.

In addition to visa requirements, all other contract-related questions can be discussed in further detail during the first interview.