Why apply at FSEC?

English Centers

Located in Da Nang



Ages 4-17


Foreign Teachers

Qualified and experienced

Native English-speaking ESL Teachers



Staff and Partners to Assist in Class



Making a lasting impact on the lives of local students and the community


Professional academic development and working environment


Work permit, visa, and temporary residence card for all foreign employees



A fun, interactive curriculum; academic support; and Vietnamese Partners to assist in each class


$21 - $25 USD


per teaching hour


Participate in outreach projects for underserved members of the community


Successful ESL programs, fully equipped classrooms, and manageable class sizes

"Teacher First, Traveler Second"

If this statement strikes a chord with you, the following information might be worth reading.

As a leading ESL institution, which places the experience of our students first, we at Fisher's SuperKids are inviting applications from those who love children and truly want to make a lasting impact in their lives through education.


We strive to provide a warm, welcoming work environment for our foreign teachers, equipping them with the unique opportunity to find job satisfaction, professional growth, new cultural experiences, and a sense of fulfillment—all within the beautiful, beachside paradise of Da Nang. What's more, with over 2,000 learners between the ages of four and 17, we consistently aim to incorporate our six core values—learning, having fun, growing, care, respect, and love—into a holistic educational experience for our students. We believe these efforts are what differentiates us from other schools in Vietnam and have established us as one of the most reputable ESL institutions in Da Nang.


All of the centers at Fisher's Superkids are well-equipped for our small class sizes (16-18 students). And here at SuperKids, we approach ESL education as a fun and engaging experience, while striving to build the confidence and character of our students. We are also committed to maintaining a professional and caring company culture, where our teachers have consistent academic support and growth opportunities to become involved in extracurricular and community outreach projects.

A big part of the SuperKids’ mission is about reaching out and giving back to those less served. Furthermore, we believe that each and every SuperKids staff member has something meaningful to contribute to the local community. Hence, not only do we provide yearly scholarships to underserved children, but we also organize outreach trips and host community development projects, year-round.

In the end, Fisher’s SuperKids is a place where you can make a true difference in the lives of many. We believe that ESL teaching is so much more than teaching a second language—it's about personally investing in the lives, wellbeing, and growth of our future global citizens.


1. Classroom

FSEC offers small class sizes for better teacher-student engagement. Every classroom is equipped with a high-resolution TV screen, computer, whiteboard, A/C, fan, and basic teaching supplies.

2. Academic Support

Our diverse academic team consists of mentor teachers, Vietnamese teaching assistants (our "Vietnamese Partners), and a training manager, who all provide a wealth of experience and support for teachers at FSEC. Each member of the academic team is here to aid in the preparation of resources, implementation of classroom management techniques, and development of new lesson activities. Our teachers can also look to the management team, which holds 30 years of combined ESL teaching experience, for additional support.

FSEC strives to maintain a professional work environment by making sure our Teacher Work Room is equipped with well-functioning computers, office supplies, and nearby support staff. What's more, every Fisher's center has a main lobby area, where students are greeted by staff and can safely wait for their classes to begin.

3. Wages

FSEC works to maintain a higher pay rate than the average wage for foreign teachers in central Vietnam. Our current rate of $21 - $25 USD per teaching hour is enough for our teachers to live comfortably in Da Nang, while also being able to save for the future.

4. Purpose

Our purpose here at FSEC is to make a holistic, lifelong impact on the lives of our students. Thus, we strongly encourage our teachers to partake in special projects and lesson material that will enable them to work from a place of purpose. We care deeply about our students, as well as the development of their character and confidence. These are some of the reasons why the U.S. State Department and Consulate General chose Fisher's SuperKids to implement a special educational outreach program for underserved Vietnamese students.



Learning English makes you confident to be a world citizen.



Growing in confidence, skill & character for success.



Playing helps nurture a beautiful and pure soud in children.



Respecting in each other in words, actions, attitude & behavior.



Bringing joy to others by caring & giving.



Showing love by being kind, patient & willing to help.

5. Visa and Residence Card

We cover the costs and take care of the application process for work visas, work permits, and residence cards for our teachers. However, please note that teachers will be responsible for the "leg-work" and associated costs of getting their individual application materials ready. This includes things like having a comprehensive health check-up and taking diplomas and teaching certificates to embassies, in order to be "authenticated" and notarized. This will be discussed in further detail during the interview, so that applicants know exactly what to expect before signing a contract.

6. Charitable Opportunities

Throughout the year, we work to organize various charitable opportunities for our teachers, staff, students, and parents to take part in. For more information, please visit our Community Outreach page.

7. Legal Status

We are committed to fulfilling contractual terms and maintaining honesty and integrity with our teachers, parents, and students. As such, we strive to meet all of the necessary legal requirements for our employees. By pledging to take care of all legal aspects for our foreign teachers, we hope to provide you with much needed peace of mind, so that you may enjoy work and life in Vietnam to the fullest.

8. Staff Retreat and Teacher Activities

Each year, we arrange and host annual all-staff retreats in fun and exciting locations throughout central Vietnam. Additionally, we coordinate quarterly company outreach events, regular community outreach projects, extracurricular activities, personal and professional development workshops, and recreational teacher-and-staff events.

These are the main ways in which FSEC works to build and maintain a relationship of reciprocity with our hardworking and service-oriented teachers.

Teachers' Day Event
In 2019, we honored our teachers and staff members for Teachers' Day with a lunch buffet, fun activities, gifts and prizes during a time of celebration.
Tet Celebration
Celebrating the Vietnamese New Year through our annual end year party.

Teachers get the chance to wear traditional Vietnamese attire, enjoy Vietnamese cuisine and traditional games as we wrap up the year's hard work.
Vietnamese Games
Teacher Dinner
Enjoying traditional Vietnamese cuisine at the Gala Dinner during the annual all staff retreat at Phu Ninh Lake Resort.
CPR Training
Every year we invite our teachers to learn CPR skills with qualified and experienced medical professionals.

We believe that these skills are necessary for anyone in the field of education.
Bonfire Dances
Teachers' Lunch
As a way to promote company culture, FSEC organizes themed lunches at school.

Mr. Hai (founder) made his famous spaghetti dish for teachers to enjoy.
Boat Trip
Enjoying a fun excursion to visit monkeys on small islands on Phu Ninh Lake.
Teachers and staff enjoying an afternoon of bowling at Parkson Mall.
Vietnamese Lessons
The best way to learn a new culture is to also learn their language.
After every beach clean up initiative, we get together to enjoy some fun activities in the sun.
Birthday Celebrations
We love celebrating people. Therefore, we never forget a birthday!
Khe Sanh Outreach
As part of our project in Khe Sanh Village, we sent a team of teachers to reconstruct the kindergarten and primary school in 2018 and 2019.
SuperKids Gala
Honoring staff members for their hard work and contributions during the past year.
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Requirements to Apply

Currently, we are only considering candidates who meet the following requirements:

  1. Native English speaker

  2. At least one year of ESL teaching experience within a singular contract

  3. Bachelor's degree or higher
    *Unfortunately due to the latest laws, Diplomas aren't accepted anymore

  4. English Teaching Certificate (TEFL, TESOL, CELTA, Delta, or equivalent)

  5. Clean criminal background check

  6. Two letters of recommendation from past employers 

Kindly note that due to the amount of applications we receive, we will only respond to candidates meeting all of our requirements. 

If you are ready to apply, click on the APPLY button below for the next step!

Recruitment Hours

Mon-Sat: 8:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

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