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Traffic in Danang. Fisher's SuperKids English Center. Apply for ESL English teaching job in Danang Vietnam.

GrabBike App

   Location pick-up, quick, easy & safe

   Trip to FSEC from your house for $1,5 /

   one way

Rent a Motorbike

   +- $90 - $140 p/ month (service, maintenance, road assistance included) 

Buy Motorbike
   +- $150 - $400 (2nd hand)

Do I need a driver's license?

Yes! Many people will tell you that it's not necessary because the traffic police don't speak English. However, the traffic department has been cracking down on foreigners driving without licenses and they can speak English fluently. 

You will only need a Driving License when driving a bike above 50cc. 

If you get pulled over by the traffic police you will have to present your motorbike registration card (blue card) and your license. I've you fail to present these documents they have to the right to confiscate your motorbike of 7 days, after which you'll have to go collect it at the police department and pay a fine up to 2,000,000 vnd.

Read our guidelines on how to obtain a driver's license.

Traffic police in Vietnam. Vietnam license for foreigner
What means of transport are available?

Danang is a tourist town, therefore you can expect a lot of transport options as a tourist. However, if you are living and working in Danang, you'll need to be able to drive a motorbike or use GrabBike App for the cheapest, quickest and most effective way of transport for your day-to-day travels. 

bus servce in Danang

The Bus service: 

Although the bus is the cheapest travel option, it will take longer and consume more effort (getting there and waiting for the bus) compared to other options.

Bus services start at 5:30 in the morning and stop operating at 4 PM, with high frequency. Therefore, this option is not possible when teaching evening classes during the week.

For your convenience, you can use Google Maps and its schedule explorer to pinpoint the nearest bus stop near your stay and the arrival time of the bus. The ticket can be easily purchased on the bus.

Check out the Bus service with the road map at DanaBus. To get all timetables, prices and routes, download the app DanaBus:

There is a pleasant feature of Danang --- this Vietnamese city has public transportation, buses. And even a website about this, with the English version.

The bus number 1 connects Da Nang with Hoi An City. The starting point of the buses is at Da Nang Bus Station (location The buses #1 go to the Da Nang City center, then, and, after that, head to Hoi An.

Rent or Buy a Motorbike: 

You'll need an International Driver's License or you can obtain a Vietnamese Driver's License (if you have a Temporary Residence Card and your driver's license from back home).

Traveling by motorbike is the most popular and cheapest form of transportation. There are two common types of motorbikes: manual and automatic transmission.


Automatic bikes are the first choice for most foreigners because they are easier to handle. 

Remember to check the bike carefully: tires, horn, brakes, and lights. If you have rented a manual bike, then also check the gear pedal. Make sure all functions are in good condition and take a photo of the shop, with the contact and address, or take their business card in case something unexpected happens on the way and you need their assistance.


You can rent a bike for +-$90 - $140 per month. There are many bike rental agencies around town, especially in Ngu Hanh Son District.

Or you can buy a 2nd hand bike for $150 - $400. Keep an eye on the Da Nang Facebook pages & groups for regular 2nd hand bikes for sale. FSA can also assist you in finding a good bike.

Buy a motorbike in Danang Vietnam
Buy a motorbike in Danang
Buy a motorbike in Danang Vietnam
Buy an electric bike in Danang Vietnam

Buy a 50cc electric bike 

With a 50cc bike, you don't have to have a Driving License. 

Some of our teachers prefer an e-bike, it's safe, easy, cheaper and environmental friendly! You can go up to 40km/h. 

You can buy an e-bike for +-$50 - $150 


Another option is always to ride a Bicycle!

Taxi Services:

Car taxi's are the most expensive in Danang (apart from renting a private car). Whether you use the official taxi services or Grab taxi, the fee's will always be the highest. 

On average you will pay $0.5 per kilometer for a small taxi. If you travel to FSA from your apartment you'll pay +- $4 one way. 

When taking a taxi in the street always make sure that it is an official taxi service and that they turn on the meter when start driving. 

Taxi service in Danang Vietnam
Is it safe to drive?

Yes and no.

The speed limit is 40km/h allowing for slow and safe driving even though the roads are daunting and dangerous for people who have not yet driven in Vietnam before.

Driving in Vietnam requires a special set of skills like situational awareness, good reflexes, excellent balance, and guts of steel. If you do not have this set of skills, do not take the risk yet. Take your time to observe the traffic first.

The most dangerous thing on the road (like on most roads) are the other drivers around you. There is this unwritten rule where people don't look behind them when turning into a street. Many times this will cause bikes and cars to suddenly turn in front of you without looking, meaning that it's your responsibility to watch out for them and slow down. Therefore it's crucial to stick to the speed limit. 

Taxis, cars and buses have right of passage on any given road, therefore motorbikes should always stop and give way for vehicles. Vehicles drive on the left side of the street and motorbikes on the right.