Teacher Testimonials

— Bronwyn (South Africa)
Fisher's SuperKids English Center review. Bronwyn Aspeling. Apply for ESL teaching in Danang Vietnam.

My name is Bronwyn Aspeling. I am from South Africa and have called Da Nang, Vietnam my home since May 2016. I have a bachelor’s degree in English and Education, as well as a post-graduate certificate in Early Childhood Education (specializing in learners from birth to 9 years old). I am also TEFL certified.

I have been working at Fisher's SuperKids since July 2016, and I am so happy to have found an English center that has a deep love and care for the students and their growth. Fisher's SuperKids is more than an English center—it is like a specialized school environment. After I moved from South Africa to Vietnam, this was the most important aspect for me to consider when applying to schools and language centers. Because of the great environment at SuperKids, my passion for teaching and love for the learners continues to grow daily.

I love the structure and support that Fisher's provides to all of its teachers. The academic team assists each teacher with lesson materials, new ideas for activities and teaching methodologies, as well as classroom management. The constant support and professionalism make Fisher's a dream job for any person who has a teacher's heart.


— Matt (USA)

Matt Adamski. Fisher's SperKids English Center. Apply for ESL English teaching job in Danang Vietnam.

I have been teaching at Fisher’s SuperKids for close to two years. The staff feels like a second family to me. They truly value all of the teachers and make sure they are well taken care of. They are dedicated to making sure the school provides the best possible experience for the students.

Da Nang is a paradise. It's easy to make friends with other expats and to join different sports groups. The city has everything you could ever want: great food, friendly locals, a spectacular beach, mountains, and waterfalls. I would highly recommend living here and working for Fisher's SuperKids!

— Vanessa (USA)
Fisher's SperKids English Center. Apply for ESL English teaching job in Danang Vietnam.

There are no words to describe how grateful I am for Fisher's SuperKids and how much this school means to me. SuperKids supported me throughout the entire duration of my contract and even well before I arrived. They really made my transition to teaching and living in Vietnam a smooth process. HR was always there for me, and they truly went above and beyond with things like helping me to buy a SIM card and getting my phone set-up once I arrived in Vietnam. I love the staff and really enjoyed everyone I worked with.

As a new teacher, I felt like everyone was so helpful at Fisher's. Plus, they offer an incredible mentor teacher program. My mentor teacher gave me a great boost of support—helping with everything from lesson planning, to coming up with new activities, and even classroom management.

Fisher's SuperKids truly has you covered with support in all areas and offers great professional development opportunities with world-renowned education companies, such as Oxford University Press and Macmillan Education.

Da Nang is a beautiful city, but it was really the people who made living and working there such a memorable experience for me. And in this way, Fisher's SuperKids will always remain a part of my heart. I have always had a passion for working with children, and I was able to pursue this passion at Fisher's. The greatest moments and memories for me will always be the children who I worked with. I came to teach them, but they taught me a great deal as well. Through teaching at Fisher's, I truly saw how much of a difference I was able to make in the life of a child, and I'm certain you will too!


Fisher's SuperKids offers an amazing opportunity to work with teenagers from Da Nang's surrounding villages, every summer. These students come to Da Nang for three months to study English, in order to further their education and gain opportunities to live a better life—not just for themselves, but for their families as well. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for foreign teachers to connect with and make a lasting impression on these students, many of whom are leaving their villages for the very first time to come to Fisher's. Fisher's SuperKids will consistently open your eyes and heart to amazing opportunities like this summer program, which have the power to change you forever. If you are passionate about working with children, this is definitely a school you want to be a part of!

— Jordan (USA)
Fisher's SperKids English Center. Apply for ESL English teaching job in Danang Vietnam.

In my years at Fisher's SuperKids, I have had the opportunity to grow as a teacher through the center's care and the unforgettable relationships. SuperKids knows that for many foreign teachers, teaching is not merely a new job, but a new challenge fraught with culture shock in an unfamiliar place. With this knowledge, SuperKids goes beyond a teacher's expectations to show support and love, and to make this transition as smooth as possible.


The dedicated Human Resources team members do everything they can to make the complicated paperwork, regarding visas and work permits, as easy as possible. They even provide teachers with personal gifts, serving as special reminders of home. What's more, the Staff Care department always has an open door to listen to feedback and concerns and to see to the teachers' safety and well-being.

Plus, the Academic Management team works tirelessly to make sure that teachers have the professional support they need, doing everything in their power to help new teachers succeed. These brief examples are just a few of the many ways in which SuperKids and their staff seek excellence together.

Unsurprisingly, the true joy of my job as a teacher comes from my students. SuperKids limits class sizes to no more than 18 students, making classrooms very manageable. They also provide an amazing amount of resources—from computers and televisions in each classroom, to games, glue, printers, paper, pencils, markers, crayons, and really anything else imaginable that might be needed for teaching. More importantly, each teacher is supported for at least half of each class by a Vietnamese Parter (VP), who is fluent in both English and Vietnamese. But these teaching partners do so much more than translate.


They help to manage parent relationships, foster student growth, and take care of mounds of paperwork that would otherwise be left to the teacher. This level of support is critical to our success in the classroom, and in my experience, it is not something that has been easily overlooked. Because of this support, I can focus on being a teacher. My time is productively spent planning quality lessons and building relationships with students. I know each and every student personally—from what motivates and frustrates them, to what makes them laugh and love learning English. These memories are my real reward as a teacher—all made possible by SuperKids' commitment to their students' education.


There are many reasons why I love SuperKids: fresh juice and fruit on Fridays; coffee with management; suggestion boards at each center, which list employees' favorite things in Da Nang; and so on. But more than anything, I love the fact that I have yet to meet a negative person at SuperKids—a testament to their hiring practices and dedication to creating a quality work environment. Everyone from busy operations directors, diligent schedulers, untiring cleaning and security staff, and selfless Vietnamese Partners, always has time to say "hello" and to lend a helping hand.


For these reasons, SuperKids is not merely a place to work, but it is a family, which provides incredible personal and professional benefits. It is a place that I genuinely enjoy walking into each day, and this is without a doubt a direct result of Mr. Hai and Teresa Fisher's vision for building an outstanding organization.

— Samantha (South Africa)
Sam Duckworth. Fisher's SperKids English Center. Apply for ESL English teaching job in Danang Vietnam.

My name is Samantha Duckworth and I am an English Educator at Fisher’s SuperKids English Center. I am writing to tell you of my experience working with this center.

I am a teacher by heart and training, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education. As a committed teacher, FSEC has been an incredibly fulfilling place of work for me. I have access to many materials and resources. If I have any ideas for lessons, they are carried out. I also feel full support in carrying out my teaching and ideas at FSEC. I am able to voice my ideas and feel supported with any opinions I share.

The staff at FSEC are special: they truly care about each other and FSEC. There are little things that they do for one another that have a huge impact on the overall experience of being part of FSEC.

How people treat one another at all levels of the center, filters through and creates a really positive environment. FSEC is a professionally-run center, with fantastic organisation. As a result of this, operations run smoothly. From what I have noticed, the students who come to Fisher’s LOVE to learn English. It is the best part of their day. It’s not unusual to see students excitedly running into class before it even starts - as if they literally cannot wait to begin. I think my favorite thing about Fisher’s is their approach to learning: that learning should be an active process, whereby students are participants and creators in their own learning.

— Tristan (South Africa)
Tistan Meyer. Fisher's SperKids English Center. Apply for ESL English teaching job in Danang Vietnam.

Hi, my name is Tristan and I am 25 years old. I am from South Africa and I have such a deep passion for teaching and making a difference in children’s lives. This passion combined with my love for traveling lead me to Fisher’s SuperKids, and it’s all in the name!

My experience teaching here has truly been super, the best experience so far out of my three years of teaching abroad. This school has helped and encouraged me to reach greater heights in my teaching career. From the first day I walked in for an interview at the school, I was greeted by warm faces from both staff and students. Throughout my year of teaching, those faces have never faded. They have provided a true sense of ‘family’ away from home.

In saying this, everyone at the school was always beyond eager to help in any way possible, and they genuinely always have your best interests at heart.

What made this school the top choice for me when applying for positions in Da Nang, was the fact that they helped and provided me with a work permit and a residence card. This, I found to be quite rare in Vietnam. Not only that, but they offered to help me find accommodation, transport, medical insurance and anything else I needed to help me ease into the process of settling abroad. To top it all, out of all the schools I approached, this center was one of the highest paying centers in the city, showing that they truly value their employees.

I had an amazing experience at SuperKids.  Together with the marvelous beach location and incredible atmosphere of Danang, I had an unforgettable year and I would highly recommend SuperKids to anyone. If you’re ready to make a difference in the lives of many, then jump into the opportunity of working at this wonderful school. You won’t regret it!

— Ryan (South Africa)
Ryan Snelling. Fisher's SperKids English Center. Apply for ESL English teaching job in Danang Vietnam.

As an experienced ESL teacher, I would not hesitate to recommend Fisher’s SuperKids to others. It is a small ESL company that has a few centers in Da Nang.


Because it is a small company, the whole place has a very personal touch. It is one of those rare centers that actually deserves a glowing recommendation. There are many reasons why I loved my time here, but I will only name the most important ones:

1. Quality schools

Fisher’s is a quality school that was started by Teresa (American) and Hai (Vietnamese). 13 years on, and they are still ‘hands on’ in the schools. They, together with all the staff, have ensured that the facilities and teaching materials are of a high standard. So often in Vietnam, ESL centers offer poor/old facilities, and so it was refreshing to see their lovely centers.

2. Pay

Fisher’s is among the highest paying schools in the city. They are reliable employers, who offer set periodic raises based on performance. Work hard, and you’ll be rewarded!


3. Legal Status

From when I first arrived, Fisher’s was committed to doing everything by the book. They will assist you with getting a work permit and a residency card - this helped me sleep a lot easier at night! The dedicated HR department (made up of Vietnamese and western staff) helped me take out medical insurance, and even open a local bank account that allowed me to do international transfers. The support that the HR department gives you when you arrive is incredible.


4. Career Growth

Fisher’s employs full-time foreign Academic Managers that assist you with training and all classroom related issues. Besides this, there are numerous opportunities to get involved as ‘mentors’ for new teachers, and even to assist with syllabus development.


5. Social Events

The school organizes many voluntary social events where teachers can mix with their colleagues from the other centers in the city. I am a social person, and I loved this! This includes the western and Vietnamese staff. From a 2 day staff retreat (covered by school), to the TET end-of-year parties, it’s always a great atmosphere to meet new friends and travelers, and also to learn more about Vietnamese cultural observances.


6. Giving Back

In my 3 years in Asia, this is the first ESL center that I have worked at that genuinely believes in giving back to the community that it exists in. There are numerous initiatives that you can get involved in. From beach clean-ups and upgrading rural village schools, to doing work in local old aged homes. Fisher’s also gives scholarships to less fortunate students. All these events are voluntary, and so it’s entirely up to you how involved you want to get.


7. Location, location, location

Da Nang is the best city in Vietnam to earn a good wage, while still enjoying a great quality of life. It has all the essentials of a big city, but it is also small enough to avoid all the major downsides of a bustling metropolis like Hanoi and HCMC. Also, Da Nang has a big community of foreign expats to mingle with. The airport is really handy, as is the amazing beach and surrounds!

If I moved back to Vietnam, I would apply for Fisher’s again. It has all the great things that an ESL center should have, and often exceeds in many of the areas that matter!