Mission & Values

Building Up World Citizens

Through actively implementing our six core values: 

Six Core Values. Fisher's SuperKids English Center. Apply for ESL English teaching job in Danang Vietnam.

We are more than just a language center. We focus on the holistic student experience, from the moment they enter the building until they exit the classroom, we aim to provide a unique experience which will make students excited to learn English and be proud of their English Center.

The focus is on all aspects of a young learner’s growth, both personally and academically. Our ultimate goal is to help students find and actively pursue their own academic goals while building their self-confidence and character to enable them to become global citizens.

When you walk into any classroom, you will see drawings, murals, quotes, and pictures covering the walls, while hearing joyful excitement coming from classes in progress.

All the while, students can be seen taking tests, studying and learning one-on-one. This great variety of activities increases academic productivity and levels of student engagement in their work.


Our Teaching Assistants who are present during all classes will send a personal daily update to the parents via Viber as part of our commitment to keep the parents involved in their child’s growth. We believe that learning English should start at home. The parents are also encouraged to practice English with their children and send weekly video recordings of their child’s pronunciation, grammar and progress.


Fisher’s SuperKids provides an opportunity to learn and practice the essential social, emotional, problem-solving, and study skills which they will use throughout their schooling. Students will experience our approach to their holistic growth through our 6 core values which we practice;

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Six Core Values. Fisher's SuperKids English Center. Apply for ESL English teaching job in Danang Vietnam.


Learning English makes you confident to be a world citizen

Our students study English with qualified and experienced native English speaking teachers from around the world. We have teachers coming from at least seven different countries, which enables students to understand various accents. Learning takes place logically through communication (listening and speaking) proceeding with reading and writing skills. Students are also taught grammar methodically with age-sensitive materials.

We create an environment that encourages students to be their best selves, immerse themselves in knowledge, and truly enjoy the learning experience.

We know that every student learns in a different way and for most students, the best way to learn are through fun, play based and creative activities. Programs are designed to promote creativity and give students the chance to engage with foreign teachers, fellow classmates and the environment.

Key aspects of learning:

  • Our classrooms are designed to host a maximum of 18 learners. To enhance the learning experience of students, we believe that smaller class sizes would compliment the students’ interactions with their teacher and fellow classmates. Most activities feature play-based, hands-on learning in small groups.

  • We focus on the ability to work, learn, and get along with others. A year at Fisher’s SuperKids provides children with the opportunity to learn patience, as well as the ability to take turns, share, and listen to others.

  • The development of self-confidence. This is the process of helping the students feel good about who they are and confident in their ability to overcome the challenges of learning.

  • Most children are naturally curious, but some do not know how to focus or use this curiosity. Fisher’s SuperKids strives to spark and direct the student’s curiosity and natural love of learning into productive learning experiences.

  • Provide a combination of formal (teacher-initiated) and informal (child-initiated) activities. Investigations and projects allow students to work well under the guidance of the teacher and also to explore their own creativity and ideas with fellow classmates.

Playing helps nurture a beautiful and pure soul in children


At SuperKids, students will be able to release their natural energy, develop creativity, and relax a little from their intensive daily schedules at Vietnamese school.

We believe that learning should be fun and rewarding. Students can sometimes lose this passion when they become disengaged from the conventional educational system in Vietnam. At Fisher’s SuperKids we provide an environment that not only encourages advanced learning, but also makes the experience fun and memorable. We are different from other centers in that our approach aims to restructure the way students think about learning. Learning can be fun and exciting! We reach this goal through play-based activities inside and outside of the classroom.

Inside the classroom:

We make use of modern, creative and engaging activities. Our classrooms are specifically designed and fully equipped to create a fun learning atmosphere. 

Outside of the classroom:

During each course, students get the opportunity to go on field trips, offsite lessons at bakeries, parks, animal shelters, the Helio entertainment center etc. to practice what they’ve learned in the classroom.

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Six Core Values. Fisher's SuperKids English Center. Apply for ESL English teaching job in Danang Vietnam.
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Six Core Values. Fisher's SuperKids English Center. Apply for ESL English teaching job in Danang Vietnam.


Bringing joy to others by caring and giving

This care is often shown through events such as birthdays, free tutoring, and grammar reviews, but it is present in every interaction at Fisher's SuperKids. Top students are acknowledged during every course in order to encourage and reward those who have been working hard in the classroom.

Fisher’s SuperKids goes to great lengths to ensure that our teachers and staff members are cared for, both professionally and personally. We believe that if our staff members are well cared for then they will take care of their students. We accomplish this through various initiatives within our company like staff retreats, outreach programs aimed to reach out to the community, environmental projects, special events and professional development.

Teachers and staff members are fully equipped to take care of each child’s personal learning experience. We believe in positive reinforcement, we promote discipline while respecting and loving our students. Top students are acknowledged during every class in order to encourage and reward those who have been working hard.


Fisher’s SuperKids also promotes caring for the community and environment. Through projects and extra-curricular activities, we teach students to reach out to underserved children in the community, how to take care of the environment and how to treat animals.

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Six Core Values. Fisher's SuperKids English Center. Apply for ESL English teaching job in Danang Vietnam.


Growing in confidence, skills and character for success

​Our soft skills department continues to develop exciting activities in and out of the classroom to help students grow in confidence, team-building, and life skills. Students learn about helping the environment, treating each other kindly, creating art projects, and even acquiring skills important for daily life, such as tying shoes.

Student growth is not only about their growth within the English language, it’s also about their personal growth and character during their time at Fisher’s SuperKids. Professional growth will include a deeper understanding of spoken English, syllables and sounds with specific focus on the final sounds. Older levels will focus more on writing and grammar skills.


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Six Core Values. Fisher's SuperKids English Center. Apply for ESL English teaching job in Danang Vietnam.
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Six Core Values. Fisher's SuperKids English Center. Apply for ESL English teaching job in Danang Vietnam.


Respecting each other in words, actions, attitudes and behavior

We focus on helping students recognize and display good behavior, through positive reinforcement and rewards. Students are taught how to behave well in class, as well as appropriate ways to treat other classmates and teachers in order to have a mutually respectable relationship.

Our center shows respect to every single member of Fisher’s SuperKids and our community. We believe that we have a responsibility towards the community and environment. Students are taught to treat others how they would want to be treated themselves.

Your age, job or position in society doesn’t matter in how you treat people around you. Through positive reinforcement, the behavior of students are directed towards respectful and loving interactions.


Showing love by being patient, kind and willing to help

At Fisher's SuperKids, we hand select teachers and staff members who truly loves teaching and working with children. People who will go the extra mile for their students. This is one of the biggest things which makes SuperKids different than other centers. 

Students receive love in different ways, depending on their love languages, either through high-fives, hugs, verbal affirmations, personal care, spending time with them and other ways. We also want to teach our students how "love in action" looks like in practice. Therefore we organize charitable events for students to visit and serve children with disabilities, orphans, and others in need.

“Love builds up, love enables, love edifies and love never fails”.

Students form close relationships with their teachers over the course period. In a country where it’s an uncommon thing to say, “I love you” to one-another, students constantly hears this and are encouraged to share their love with their family and friends.