Community Service & Outreach Projects

Khe Sanh Village

In 2018, an outreach team from SuperKids visited a local kindergarten in the rural village of Khe Sanh—located in Vietnam's Quang Tri Province, near the Laos border. Later in 2019 we returned to this community to do the same for the Primary School. Together, with the George and Arizona Foundation, FSA raised enough funds and support (from teachers, staff, and parents) for the rebuilding and repainting of the kindergarten.


The FSA team spent two days painting murals, constructing a new fence, and building a playground—complete with swings, slides, and a see-saw.

Working alongside the Khe Sanh community, we watched as the kindergarten was completely transformed by 18 hours of labor and love. Now, the Khe Sanh kindergarten is a beautiful, spacious, creative, and safe place, where students can enjoy their early-childhood education to the fullest.


This outreach project was an expression of not only our love, but also our shared responsibility for the Khe Sanh community.


After the project was completed, the President of the Vietnamese Fatherland Front—an umbrella group aligned with the Vietnamese government—awarded our efforts with a special certificate of appreciation. In return, the people of Khe Sanh expressed their gratitude to the FSA team and promised to actively protect all of the hard work that had been done. The newly renovated kindergarten was even featured on the Quang Tri local news station!

"By grace, we've been given much; therefore, we need to give back even more."

— Mr. Hai (Founder)

Scholarships for Orphans

Scholarships for Orphans

Scholarships for Orphans

Scholarships for Orphans

Scholarships for Orphans

Scholarships for Orphans

Scholarships for Orphans

Scholarships for Orphans

Scholarships for Orphans

For the last 12 years, FSA has consistently reached out to our local communities, specifically focusing on orphaned and disadvantaged youth. Unfortunately, these students often lack access to quality educational opportunities—namely English as a Second Language education. In order to break this cycle, we sponsor yearly scholarships for under served students to study at FSA. Additionally, we support Vietnamese teachers to tutor disadvantaged youth in other core subjects, such as math and literature.

We are both humbled by and grateful for the unique opportunity to invest in Vietnam's future generations—empowering them to become active members of their local communities, as well as compassionate and engaged citizens of the world.

"If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way."

— Napoleon Hill

Beach Clean Up

At Fisher's SuperKids, we feel a shared responsibility towards caring for our environment, as well as our local communities. Therefore, we organize yearly beach clean up initiatives.


Da Nang is known for having one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. In fact, millions of domestic and international tourists travel to our coastal city every year, immersing themselves in its powdery white-sand beaches, tranquil blue waters, and the lushness of the Son Tra peninsula. But sometimes an influx of tourism can wreak havoc on the local environment.


And that's exactly what we discovered when one of our teachers pointed out the increasing levels of trash that were collecting on our beach. Equally eager to support our community and the local environment, we decided to launch our very own FSA Beach Clean Up project!

"Outreach is a way to educate students about our shared responsibility towards the community."

— Mrs. Teresa (Co-Founder)

Elderly & Disabled Home Outreach

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Every Christmas Fisher's SuperKids organize a Charitable Outreach project to spread joy and love to the community. During the Christmas season of 2018, Fisher's SuperKids teachers and staff reached out to an elderly and disabled home here in Da Nang.

We were able to help out with daily tasks, like cleaning the toilets and serving food. Some of our team members were even able to do a little something special for the residents—giving manicures, pedicures, haircuts, and putting together small care packages.This type of simple community-led service remains at the heart of FSA's work.

At Fisher's SuperKids, we believe that the Christmas season should be a time of devoted service, love, and care. We would like to thank all of the parents, students, and teachers for offering each of these things—not only during our special Christmas outreach project, but all throughout the year. We would also like to thank the QuocBarber team for helping us with the manicures and pedicures, as well as donating their time and services to give the residents haircuts.

"Love is a noun. However, real love should also be a verb, an action."

— Mr. Hai (Founder)

Nam O Fishing Village

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Food packages




Extra teachers

In the summer of 2018, teachers at Fisher's SuperKids reached out to the Nam O fishing village by delivering food, clothing, and school supplies to underserved students in the community. After making their deliveries, FSA teachers spent the afternoon singing songs and playing games with the children. What's more, SuperKids now sponsors five Vietnamese teachers in Nam O's local school.

"It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”"

— Mother Teresa

Indigenous Communities

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Since 2007, Fisher's SuperKids has been working to implement a number of meaningful programs for Vietnam's indigenous communities—namely those living in remote mountain villages. These programs have included:

Book donations for underserved, indigenous children

Financial support for the building of Tuberculosis clinics

Time and gift donations for orphans and children living with disabilities

The promotion of environmental and sanitation education

English scholarships for orphans and underserved children

"We are stewards of the earth, caretakers of widows and orphans."

— Mrs. Teresa (Co-Founder)

Baking Tet Cakes

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Tet is the celebration of the Vietnamese New Year, and it is by far the most important for the country. What's more, the tradition of baking special Tet cakes has been alive and well in Vietnam for over a thousand years. So, in honor of this very special tradition, at the beginning of every Tet holiday, Fisher's SuperKids organizes a special get-together for all of the teachers and staff to bake Tet cakes together.

Year after year, the tradition of baking Tet cakes turns out to be an exciting and rewarding experience for our foreign teachers. After rolling up their sleeves and learning the intricate arts of cake-making, fire-baking, and decorating, our teachers join forces with the Fisher's staff to hand-deliver their cakes to elders and orphans throughout Da Nang.

"Learning how to make Vietnamese food brings you closer to the culture."

— Teacher Bronwyn

The Green-Clean Environment Project

Fisher's SuperKids English Center. Apply for ESL English teaching job in Danang Vietnam.

It's becoming increasingly evident that Climate Action is a global issue, impacting all of us. Hence, at FSA, we believe that environmental and English language education go hand-in-hand.


In an effort to promote environmental education and clean-up initiatives in our local community, Fisher's SuperKids organized an extracurricular project for our students, titled "For the Green-Clean Environment."


For this project, our students spent the day picking up trash in one of our local parks, creating climate action signs, and learning and talking about the importance of caring for the environment.

"Want to make a difference? Start by picking up one piece of trash a day."

— Teacher Anica