Fisher's SuperKids English Center. Apply for ESL English teaching job in Danang Vietnam.
Fisher's SuperKids English Center. Apply for ESL English teaching job in Danang Vietnam.
Fisher's SuperKids English Center. Apply for ESL English teaching job in Danang Vietnam.

Fully furnished Apartments

near the beach 

$350 - $500

per month

Room in shared house with other foreigners

$100 - $250

per month


near the beach 

$450 - $600

per month

Does FSA give housing allowance?

No, due the the nature of the part-time contract, FSA does not offer housing allowance. However, FSA can help advise and go house hunting with you upon your arrival & offer assistance with communication on your behalf with your landlord.

Our teachers are able to live comfortably in Danang and still be able to safe money for the future.

Are pets allowed?

This would depend on your landlord. Most landlords accept pets. When searching for accommodation, you can ask the housing agent or landlord. If you'd like more information on how to bring your pet to Da Nang, contact Paws For Compassion NGO, they have advised many of our teachers on the best way to transport pets.

Best area for foreigners to live?

Da Nang has six urban districts: Cam LeHai ChauLien ChieuNgu Hành SonSon Trà, and Thanh Khê)

Danang Districts.png

Fisher's SuperKids Academy 1

Hai Chau District

Fisher's SuperKids Academy 2

Thanh Khe District

Best area to live - near main beach

Ngu Hanh Son District

Fisher's SuperKids Academy 3

Hai Chau District (Helio Entertainment center)

Ngu Han Son District

Ngu Hanh Son District is the most popular & convenient area for foreigners to live.​ Ngu Han Son District is divided into smaller communities named: 

  • My An (best area)

  • An Hai Tay

  • An Hai Dong

  • An Hai Bac

  • Khue My

It’s on this beachfront you’ll get a glimpse of where future Da Nang is heading. It’s been on the ascent for years, but you could say it made the big time when it made the New York Times list of 52 Places To Go In 2019.

Most expats prefer to stay near the main beach (My Khe beach) which is about 5km from F1 – our first center. In the area of "My An" in Ngu Hanh Son District. There are a lot of apartments constantly available for rent. The most popular streets are known as the "An Thuong" Streets, which consist of streets numbered from An Thuong 1 to An Thuong 38.

Fisher's SuperKids English Center. Apply for ESL English teaching job in Danang Vietnam.

An Thuong 1 is one street away from the beach and all the An Thuong’s is within walking distance from the beach. This area is also popular for all the wide variety of Western and Asian food, stretching from cheap street side restaurants to 5 star hotel buffet meals available.


This area is ideally located for most of our teachers as it’s about 15 minutes driving distance from all centers, walking distance to the beach, walking distance to restaurants, stores and bars, a 35-minute motorbike drive to the famous ancient town of Hoi An, and a 30 minute drive away to the top of the Son Tra Peninsula Mountain.

How to find accommodation?




There are many housing agencies in Da Nang to choose from, you can also find accommodation on many Facebook groups in Da Nang and through a quick internet search.

Check out these websites to see what is available:

Housing 1.JPG

Search with your housing specifications.

Apartments From:

$350 p/m

Danang Landlord

Housing 3.jpg

Search with your housing specifications.

Apartments From:

$350 p/m

House Rental Danang

housing 4.jpg

Search with your housing specifications.

Apartments From:


Danang Experience

Check out these Facebook groups:

FB group housing.jpg

"House, Apartment For Rent in Danang & Hoi An for Expats" Facebook Group

FB group housing 2.jpg

"Accommodations for expats in Da Nang- Hoi An"

"Expats in Danang"

FB group housing3.jpg


for finding accommodation

  1. View accommodation in person:
    Search for housing in person, instead of renting over the internet before you've seen it yourself. It's good to pick the ones you'd like to see on the internet and then go view it personally before committing. A lot of places look different in person than what you'll see in pictures. You will always have a lot of options to choose from, so don't feel rushed. 


  2. Location, location, location! 
    It's inconvenient when you've got the perfect place but then it's in the middle of nowhere or there's a lot of construction happening which will go on for months. 

    What makes Vietnam unique is that everything can be within walking distance from your apartment. The beach, restaurants, a local convenience store, bars etc. Therefore, most foreigners prefer Ngu Hanh Son District. Some foreigners would like to try and live in Son Tra District (near Son Tra Peninsula and mountain) to really get the feel of the Vietnamese culture. However, keep in mind that this can be challenging when living so far away from everything, especially from the convenience of getting weekly affordable & healthy take-out food delivered to your doorstep after long nights of teaching or quickly visiting a convenience store. 

    Questions to consider:
    - How far is it from the all three FSA locations? 10 - 15 minutes drive should be normal
    - How far from the beach?
    - How far from a local convenience store?
    - Is it a noisy place with a lot of construction?

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you move into a place with a big open area somewhere near it which seems vacant, don't think to yourself "oh wow, some open space in my neighborhood", chances are they will start construction within a few weeks or months. It's safer to move into a place where there are no open areas for construction.


  3. Make your requests known:
    Make requests prior to signing the contract. Some places will lack some items like a microwave, kettle, stove or they might have a small fridge (when you might prefer a larger fridge for long term use) or there might be some things you'd like to change or add for your convenience.

    Landlords are more than willing to meet your personal requirements & most of them will have no problem making changes. 


  4. Discount for long term lease:
    If you are satisfied with your accommodation & planning to live there for at least 1 year or more, ask the landlord if you can get a discount for long term commitment – some landlords would be open to negotiate while others will not.


  5. Pay upfront:
    Landlords will usually ask for 2-3 months of rent in advance plus 1 month’s rent as deposit. They will keep the deposit as insurance for any broken furniture or unpaid bills and will give it back to you at the end of your contract. This is normal in Danang.


If you contact housing agencies, usually they can show you the place the very next day. It’s best to contact a few agencies to have a few options. You can ask the landlord about the costs of electricity & water, Wi-Fi & available furniture.


On the Facebook Page “Da Nang & Hoi An Expats”, you can constantly find new advertisements of apartments and foreigners who wants to rent out a room - this is usually much cheaper and a great way to make new friends.