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Jordan, USA

Unsurprisingly, the true joy of my job as a teacher comes from my students. SuperKids limits class sizes to no more than 18 students, making classrooms very manageable. They go beyond a teacher's expectations to show support and love.

Sam, South Africa

The staff at SuperKids are special: they truly care about each other and FSEC. There are little things that they do for one another that have a huge impact on the overall experience of being part of FSEC.

Vanessa, USA

Fisher's Superkids has you covered with support in all areas and offers great professional development opportunities with world-renowned education companies, such as Oxford University Press and Macmillan Education.



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Teaching English with us can be a life-changing experience. You will have the opportunity to truly impact the lives of local students and to interact with people from all over the world. What's more, SuperKids is a family. And we will be here to support you, each step of the way.

Outreach Projects

Khe Sanh Village Outreach
In 2019, an outreach team from SuperKids visited a local kindergarten in the rural village of Khe Sanh - located in Vietnam's Quang Tri Province, near the Laos border.

Together, with the George and Arizona Foundation, FSEC raised enough funds and support (from teachers, staff, and parents) for the rebuilding and repainting of the kindergarten.
Scholarship for Orphans
For the last 12 years, FSEC has consistently reached out to our local communities, specifically focusing on orphaned and disadvantaged youth. Unfortunately, these students often lack access to quality educational opportunities—namely English as a Second Language education. To break this cycle, we sponsor yearly scholarships for under served students to study at FSEC. Additionally, we support Vietnamese teachers to tutor disadvantaged youth in other core subjects.
Beach Clean Up
We take care of the environment and always encourage new initiatives in reaching out to the community.

Danang has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. in 2019, when one of our teachers pointed out the increasing levels of trash that were collecting on our beach. Equally eager to support our community and the local environment, we decided to launch our very own FSEC Beach Clean Up project!
Outreach to Elderly & Disabled Home
FSEC's outreach team has also supported an elderly and disabled home here in Da Nang. Our team was able to assist the home's staff by helping out with daily tasks, like cleaning the toilets and serving food. Some of our team members were even able to do a little something special for the residents—giving manicures, pedicures, haircuts, and putting together small care packages.This type of simple community-led service remains at the heart of FSEC's work.
Green-Clean Environment Project
It's becoming increasingly evident that Climate Action is a global issue, impacting all of us. Hence, at FSEC, we believe that environmental and English language education go hand-in-hand. In an effort to promote environmental education and clean-up initiatives in our local community, Fisher's SuperKids organized an extracurricular project for our students, titled "For the Green-Clean Environment." Our students spent the day picking up trash in one of our local parks.
Outreach to Nam O Fishing Village
Located 10 kilometers south of Da Nang's city center, the historical fishing village of Nam O is known for producing some of the best fish sauce in all of Vietnam. Sadly, environmental degradation, influenced by burgeoning tourism in the region, has placed a heavy burden on the community of Nam O. FSEC teachers braved the undulating heat and spent the afternoon singing and playing games with the children. Currently, SuperKids sponsors five Vietnamese teachers.
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